Vector Wero Whitewater Park is committed to provide the largest schools programme for white water experience in the world. Whether the programme is about youth development and instilling self confidence, water safety, teamwork, risk-taking, or high performance sport, Vector Wero offers the unique opportunity for our community to engage alongside the world’s best. It is our aim to become the National Centre for swift water rescue training for our front line emergency services.

We have partnered with Water Safety NZ, Counties Manukau Sports, Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation, and John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams. We are supported by Canoe Slalom New Zealand through its Paddle Passport Programme that serves as the gateway for our youth to grow in the sport and achieve medals both here and abroad. We have given more than $317,000 in terms of support, sponsorships and subsidies.  


Also onsite is the new High Performance Sport New Zealand base for the training of our national and Olympic canoe slalom teams that inspire our youth to achieve. 


61 schools
Schools subsidised for  FY 2016-17

 6,169 students
Students subsidised for FY 2016-17
Total Community Good  Value YTD

Youth Development

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